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How To Have A Brick House Body

🐷🐷🐷 Remember the story of the 3 Little pigs?

🏠 The big bad wolf couldn’t destroy the last house, the one built of bricks. It was strong and grounded. 💪🏼

🏠 Y’all, we want to be the brick house. And not just the one the Commodores sang about in the 1970’s although I’ll take that too. 😉 Learn more about how to build YOUR “brick house” in this blogpost…

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The Lenten Line-Up: Movies, Oils, and Fasts

Last year during Lent I intentionally sought out ways to enhance and honor the season beyond my regular spiritual practices.  Some things were serious, some things were fun, but they all elevated my experience during this holy time of year. I thought I’d share to give you some ideas and inspiration in case you’d like to do the same.

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