Sermons on the couch

No makeup. Coffee in hand. It's your weekly nutrition Sermon on the couch. 

Every Sunday I go LIVE on my Facebook Page to deliver you some inspiration, tough love and guidelines from our Creator.  I combine my knowledge of Nutrition, real life feeding a family of five, and God's word. Enjoy. 

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Sun Worship

May 27th 2018

God has provided ways to nourish your body just by walking outside.


Be a Diffuser

May 20th 2018

Use essential oils to diffuse God's love.



MAY 6TH 2018

Taking care of your holy temple.


Eat the Dang Potato

March 4th, 2018

I can probably find 25 things you should get rid of in your kitchen before you worry about potatoes.


how god spoke to me through a beer can

April 28th 2018

Take what God offers you and make the best of it!

Best time Hack Ever

Feb. 25th 2018

Have you ever make a decision that cost you more than you had to give?


the prayer of jabez

jan. 21st 2018

"oh God, that you would bless me. Increase my territory, please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from trouble and pain."

Fasting for Healing

Jan. 14th 2018

The best of all medicines is resting and fasting. - Benjamin Franklin 


don't be afraid OF carbs

feb. 4th 2018

Drastic diets can bite you in the butt!

Stuck in your diet

Jan. 28th 2018

Don't become frozen in your failure.