25: Behind the Scenes Weight Loss Story: Client Transformation with Rebecca Watt

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Hello my beautiful friend! This podcast episode is brimming with golden nuggets about mind, body, and spirit that you will not want to miss! Join us as Rebecca Watt shares her inspiring, unfiltered, and transformational journey back to health. Learn the importance of staying consistent, shifting your mindset, and getting to a place where your body BELIEVES you!


EPISODE 23: The Busy Mom Reset



(0:00) Intro

(0:51) On today’s episode we are pulling back the curtain on how my client Rebecca Watt went from eating Nutella on the couch, to losing 3 sizes!

  • Sharing the behind the scenes story to hopefully give any of ya’ll out there who are feeling hopeless some ideas and encouragement!

  • Rebecca is a beloved member in The Christian Health Club.

(2:49) Rebecca’s back story that eventually led her down her health journey:

  • In the beginning of 2017 she lost last living parent to cancer.

  • Living in Austin at the time, the company she worked for did not stand by her during this difficult time and released her from her job.

  • While grieving, she embraced poor habits/stress relief habits.

  • She began to experience bloating cramping, constipation, heartburn, fatigue, low energy, feeling withdrawn and sluggish.

  • Her body was suffering.

  • The big eye opening moment: Rebecca tried to put on her “big girl jeans”.

(5:25) Rebecca felt the call to reach out to Chelsea:

  • All new clients being with filling out a health history and a nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ).

  • This gives a picture of where you are and where the body is most burdened and stressed.

  • Rebecca says she put the “burden” in symptom burden graph 😂

    • Insulin resistance

    • Adrenal fatigue

    • Inflammation

    • Autoimmune disorder: Degenerative disc disease

(10:20) Rebecca’s journey through food selections:

  •  Realizing the nutritional disconnect.

  • Tossed E V E R Y T H I N G in the fridge and cupboards and started over.

  • Focusing on ‘real food the way God made it’.

  • Removed trigger foods and committed to being all in.

(12:15) Joining the Feast 2 Fast: 4-week metabolic makeover:

  • Rebecca’s insights on the benefits of F2F:

    • Group accountability and feedback

    • Learning about healthy brands and upgrading to real foods

    • “I was brand new to starting a healthy lifestyle”

    • Whatever your personal goals are, the camaraderie and support is unparalleled

    • Videos and materials create an educational experience

 (16:55) Let’s talk gluten:

  • Gluten creates an underlying inflammation that manifests in many ways.

  • Take gluten out of your diet as a test to see if it is affecting you.

    • ADHD, GOUT, digestive issues, skin problems, systemic inflammation

  • Making a decision and declaring it non-negotiable.

    • Eliminating the mind chatter and decision fatigue.

(21:05) Staying consistent after the first round of F2F:

  • Focused on how she was FEELING and not on a number.

  • Your body has to believe you.

  • You have to stay consistent so that your body can feel safe.

  • Facing fears and fueling the body.

(25:55) Focusing on a different measurement of health:

  • Body composition

  • Mind-shift: Not being attached to the number on the scale or number on the jeans.

  • Being consistent on the health journey: Drinking water, getting sleep, real food, gluten-free, food prep, etc.

  • Give your body the grace and time to get back to where it’s trying to go. Remember, that is did not get to it’s current condition overnight.

(31:48) What if I don’t have my macros correct?

  • My fitness pal can be a great learning tool.

  • Be mindful of listening to your body MORE than listening to an app.

  • Don’t force something if your body is telling you “no, this is not for me”.

  • Intuitively tapping into what your body needs.

  • Our bodies have an innate wisdom and they know what to do when given the right tools.

 (37:21) Feast days and “heck yeah carbohydrates”

  • Rebecca: “I didn’t heck yeah for a long time…”

  • “Heck yeah carbs” are the food and drinks that are not “healthy” for us, or not the most ideal, but as part of society they are things we like to include.

    • Overcoming fears

    • Abstaining

    • Rebecca realizing that she is in control and having a celebratory glass of wine with her fish dinner is not going to send her off the rails! 🍷

    • Having discernment about triggers

    • Celebrating when it’s worth it!

  • Learning to be the boss of your carbs.

  • Being mindful of what goes into your Holy Temple.

  • Being able to let go of strict boundaries.

(43:45) You don’t have to do all of the changes all at once.

  • Food is going to have the biggest impact on your health.

  • Tapping into investing in yourself the way you invest in others.

 (46:33) Supplementation and other golden nuggets:

  • Rebecca does not have a gallbladder.

    • Digestive enzymes, bile support

  • Ashwagandha to support sleep.

  • Dedicating Sunday to food prep: Food Prepalooza!

  • Drinking a lot of water

 (49:28) Anchor questions!

  • Anchor meal

  • Anchor verse

    • Proverbs 19:20-21

    • Godly friends = Godly wisdom

(53:53) Closing thought:s

  • Healing your body from the inside out.

  • Living with purpose.

  • Knowing that it is an ongoing process.

  • Daily renewing of the mind to care for our Holy Temple.

  • Leave us a comment!

(55:34) Outro & Disclaimer


Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!