26: Hearing from the Holy Spirit

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In this week’s podcast I’m sharing how The Holy Spirit told me who I would marry, what house I would live in and that I would write a book. I didn’t recognize His voice at the time but, looking back, I can clearly see He’s been guiding me along the way. How do you know when you’re hearing the Holy Spirit? Tune in to this week’s episode for lots of spiritual meat!


EPISODE 26: Hearing the Holy Spirit



(0:00) Intro

(0:43) Introducing today’s episode: Spiritual “meat”— Hearing the Holy Spirit!

  • Full package of spirit, mind, and body in regards to overall health.

  • Asking for clear signs when guidance is needed.

(2:27) Paul— Hebrews 5:12

  • ‘Although by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to reteach you the basic principles of God’s word. You need milk, not solid food!’

    • Translation: Not having the foundation of knowing God’s word.

  • Sometimes Christians stay in a ‘spoon-fed’ state, without seeking more in their faith.

(5:05) Getting guidance from the Holy Spirit over the years.

  • There is a sense of God when we share these stories.

  • Encouraging you to be listening, receiving, and recognizing when God is trying to tell you something

  • September is a big month in the Blackbird household!

(7:04) Overwhelming sign from God #1: Meeting Brian for the first time.

  • Do I have ESP? 😂

  • Looking back, I know that it was the Holy Spirit telling me that I would marry this man.

(10:56) Overwhelming sign from God #2: Random revelation while drinking a beer

  • Navigating the transition from from the city to the country.

  • “You are going to write a book”

    • Is there a book in me yet?

(14:29) Overwhelming sign from God #3: G R A C E ! ! !

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

  • Learn grace, give grace.

  • The first time the connection was really made that God was speaking.

 (17:14) Overwhelming sign from God #4: You are going to get this house.

  • Auction day: Landed the house we wanted!

  • There is no playing hooky from church 😜

(19:55) Looking back at how this story unfolds:

  • God, this has got your hand and your will is all over this!

  • Slowing down and growing my faith.

  • Going to church, bible study and interacting socially.

(23:03) The bible is a relevant life manual.

  • This was God’s plan all along.

  • I wanted to grow up and be a mother 😊

  • Bringing my faith and spirituality into my nutrition profession.

  • I could only see that he was guiding me all along when I matured in my faith.

(25:04) Seek God, seek more in your spiritual life!

  • Where the earthly realm and the heavenly realm come together.

  • Recognizing when the Holy Spirit is talking to you!

  • Being aligned in my purpose.

(29:39) Tell me: How have you heard from the Holy Spirit?!

  •  Intuition is the messenger of the Spirit.

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(31:06) Outro & Disclaimer

Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!