24: Strategies for Feeding Kids

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On this week’s episode I am sharing strategies for feeding kids so that they are receiving the necessary nutrients for their growth and development. Tune in to learn about the importance of macronutrient balance and how to upgrade ingredients to transform traditional recipes. Remember, you do have influence over your children even if it feels like they aren’t listening!


EPISODE 23: The Busy Mom Reset



(0:00) Intro

(1:05) Introducing today’s topic: Strategies for Feeding Kids

  • Back to school: Finding routine, healthy eating habits, packing lunches, we’re trying!

  • Prioritizing the kids, their health, and teaching them the foundations

(2:00) Sharing a real-life story:

  • Flashback to last Spring with my son

  • I was looking for something in my son’s closet which also holds extra storage … What did I accidentally find???

  • Oh my honey buns! My momma heart, and my nutritionist heart were dying.

  • My son is a sugar addict!

  • The moment where I feel kind of like a failure as a mother and a nutritionist

  • Thinking about the negative effects of this junk on his body: the dyes, artificial sweetener, soybean oil, gluten, sugar etc.

  • Trusting that we’ve given them a good foundation and that they will circle back to it later on down the road.

(12:01) An eye-opening opportunity within it all:

  • Acknowledging that it is a challenge for him to be exposed to other kids eating these hyperpalatable foods.

  • We can try our best, our kids are not always going to listen.

  • They will inevitably stray away from us as grow their independence.

  • If we don’t show up to give them a good foundation, who will?

  • Remember, you do have influence over your children even if it feels like they aren’t listening!

(14:01) The strategies that I implement with my kids:

  • #1: Prioritize Protein

    • Pick and eat their protein first. In these growing years, protein is the building blocks of the body.

    • Kids, just like adults, get way too many carbohydrates. The overload of carbs is really hard on their body and can affect the way they behave, focus, their immune system, and the way that they grow.

    • Counteract carbohydrates with protein and healthy fats! Carbohydrates are not the macronutrient that makes you feel satiated, it’s the fat and protein that are going to fill them up

    • Be a protein pusher!

    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)– Lets take a look at their diets before we put them on medication! Food plays a huge role in how your kid behaves.

    • 3-4 days a week for breakfast we will have eggs, sausage, etc. Feed them something that grounds them and makes them feel full.

    • For lunch protein we do hot dogs, turkey, hard boiled eggs, salami, turkey.

    • For building a dinner meal we have a protein, starchy carb, and vegetables.

    • Keeping the simplicity of the macronutrient balance


  • #2: Getting some veggies into your kids

    • How can we make this process easier?

    • I cut up a bunch of the veggies that they like and allow them to pick their vegetables.

    • When I pack their lunch, I pack the veggies they like the most, so they are less likely to be thrown away!

    • I am not against hiding veggies y'all!

      • Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

      • I will add cauliflower rice to their white rice, or mashed cauliflower mixed with regular mashed potatoes, they don’t even notice!

      • Clean Mac N’ Cheese: A hidden vegetable makes this version of the classic healthier and still creamy!

      • Sneaky Smoothie: An excellent way to get greens into your kids.

      • Soups: I will puree the cooked vegetables and put them back in the soup. It helps with compliance about chunky vegetables :)

      • Upgraded Avocado Brownies

    • The “Leverage Meal”

      • The kids are not able to have too much or additional starchy carbs until they’ve eat their portion of vegetables.

      • No possibility of dessert unless vegetables are eaten.

      • We are the parents, we have to be consistent!


  • #3 Getting your kids involved with cooking

    • Raddish Kids

    • Kids Cooking Shows

    • Cook Once, Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia

      • Getting kids involved in meal prep

    • Teaching them basics of cooking:

      • My husband teaches the kids how to grill

      • Teaching them how to make eggs

      • Monster Balls

(34:33) Closing Statements

  • Nobody is going to teach our kiddos about food and it’s importance.

  • Food is the material that kids have to grow.

  • It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present with the kids.

  • If you have strategies for feeding your kids, share them in the comments!

  • Leave a review! It helps others find this podcast!

(12:15) Outro & Disclaimer


Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!