34: Skipping Breakfast: Good or Bad?

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On today’s episode we are myth busting current notions out there about intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast. Tune in to discover what is means to be a sugar burning versus a fat burner, and what you can do to promote stable mood, and balanced energy through food and fasting.


EPISODE 34: Skipping Breakfast: Good or Bad?



(0:00) Intro

(0:44) Introducing today’s topic: Skipping breakfast, good or bad?

  • Airport backstory:

  • Two questions!

    • What do you think about intermittent fasting?

    • Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

(3:50) The real meaning of breakfast:

  • Intermittent fasting doesn’t mean that you skip breakfast.

  • Breakfast comes from the words “break” and “fast”.

  • When we have our first meal the next day after sleeping we break the fast.

  • Consider concept of breakfast of time and not just food.

  • So, the more accurate question is, is it bad to delay breakfast?

(6:30) We’ve heard the myths, now here’s the truth:

  • When you wake up, your metabolism is already on fire IF you are metabolically flexible.

  • Metabolic flexibility means being about to burn both sugar and fat for energy.

  • How your body uses energy while sleeping.

  • SAD Diet – Standard American Diet

    • Overload of processed carbohydrates keeps people stuck in sugar burning mode.

    • Leads to energy crisis upon waking.

(9:45) Backstory of how I used to not be metabolically flexible: 

  • Oh, the irony of my previous outlook! 🙈

  • Now, I never eat before I exercise!

  • Metabolically flexible people do not feel the need to wake up and eat right away.

(12:29) What is means to be a sugar burner:

  • How Dietitians and Nutritionists attempting to get ahead of this problem.

  • Being hangry leads to unhealthy and compulsive choices.

  • Studies funded by companies with a stake in the game.  

(15:13) Tidbit on John Harvey Kellogg:

  • Intention behind the invention cornflakes.

    • Anaphrodisiac foods

  • Excess of carbs can negatively affect libido.

(17:30) Taking studies with a grain of salt:

  • Some are legit, and some are propaganda.

  • Pay attention to the context.

 (18:21) More on breakfast and intermittent fasting:

  • Fasting myth: You can’t break your fast until midday?

  • You can choose whatever fasting window you like!

  • Why you do NOT have to fast for 16 hours

  • What food are you going to break for fast with?

    • Goals: stable mood, energy, balanced appetite.

    • Power of protein + fat for breakfast.

    • Too many carbs without the presences of the other macronutrients will crash your energy sooner.

  • #1 Goal in Feast to Fast® is to train our bodies to be metabolically flexible.

    • Training your body to be in fat burning mode.

(24:55) There are no breakfast police!

  • Breakfast does not have to be what we have come to know as ‘breakfast foods’

    • Historical outlook.

    • Modern day food abundance.

(28:09) How we are designed to be metabolically flexible:

  • Understanding food availability.

  • How God designed our bodies.

(30:15) Kicking off the next round of Feast 2 Fast®:

(31:50) Outro & Disclaimer

Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!