33: A Lesson from Ecclesiastes 11:4

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On today’s podcast episode we are taking a lesson from Ecclesiastes 11:4 and learning how to navigate our health amongst the craziness that life brings. If you are waiting for the perfect conditions to get on track with your health, you are never going to see the results you seek! Join me to discover how you can prioritize the Holy Temple that is your body regardless of the circumstances surrounding you.


EPISODE 33: A Lesson from Ecclesiastes 11:4



(0:00) Intro

(044) Introducing today’s topic: A Lesson from Ecclesiastes 11:4

(0:58) The back story that led to this episode:

  • Client consultation for accountability

  • Turning in a food journal to a nutritionist can be scary!

  • The revelation that ‘crazy is the norm’.

  • We have to learn how to operate our health within the crazy.

(3:58)  Verse from Ecclesiastes 11:4

He who observes the wind will not sow,
And he who regards the clouds will not reap.

  • If you wait for the perfect conditions, you are never going to see results.

  • Health is a lifestyle, it is not a diet squeezed in between the crazy.

  • Learning how to operate within the wind.

  • If  you are not ever sowing your seeds, then you do not reap.

  • The food you eat should be consistent.

    • Are you eating well most of the time?

    • You have total control over what you put into your mouth whether it’s a crazy day or a calm day.

 (7:54) When a door closes a window opens

  • Missing Jesus Camp on Nantucket

(10:15) How I travel with intention:

  • What I packed in my cooler:

  • You can’t leave your health to what is going to be available to you at a hotel.

  • Plan ahead to feel well!

  • Don’t let the curveball of travel make you a different person.

  • Be a bit of an ingredient snob.

  • Don’t eat things that are not worth it to you!

    • Cultivating food peace

  • Consider who are you and how you want to operate regardless of the circumstances around you.

 (15:14) Perspective from my Self-Coaching Group

  • Consider how we use the things that are against us and wrap it around us like a cozy protective blanket (time, travel, etc).

    • Why can’t I stay on track?

    • Using the ‘crazy’ as an excuse, or protective blanket.

    • Fear

    • Ask yourself, what are you using as an excuse in your life as your protector?

(17:58) Do not put God and your health on the back burner:

  • God is always there for us.

  • Keeping our priorities straight.

  • In the craziest times if your life you need to honor your body and your spirit the most.

 (20:13) Why we do Feast 2 Fast® in the ‘crazy times’

  • The next round starts November 4th! Join us!

  • It’s going to be really windy for the next two months during the Holiday season.

  • Figuring out how to operate in real life.

  • Committing to our relationship to God

  • Your Holy Temple is a miracle!

 (23:44) Outro & Disclaimer

Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!