31: How Thoughts Affect Cancer with Megan Van Zyl, PhD Hon, MA, NTP

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Hello my friend! Megan Van Zyl is our special guest on today’s episode to talk about the role of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a cancer diagnosis. Tune in to learn how we can work with our core beliefs in order to have an internal transformation, and why health truly is a full ‘Spirit, Mind, and Body’ package.


EPISODE 31: How Thoughts Affect Cancer with Megan Van Zyl, PhD Hon, MA, NTP



(0:00) Intro

(0:45) How your mind plays a role in your health.

  • Health is a full spirit, mind, body package.

  • God’s word is always reminding us to manage our minds.

  • More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it. - Proverbs 4:23

  • When it comes to health and healing our bodies are always listening for instructions from our minds.

  • Our thoughts and feelings influence how we heal and don’t heal.

(2:48) Introducing today’s special guest, Megan Van Zyl

 (4:59) Role of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and feelings in a cancer diagnosis.

  • Processing trauma

  • How biology is connected to the soul realm and the spirit realm

  • Impacting internal transformation

  • Epigenetics: means “upon the gene”

    • Genetic expression

    • Epigenetics says you are not doomed to a certain outcome based on your genes.

    • Some influential factors: Nutrition, chemical exposure, the mind.

    • The myth is that cancer is a genetic disease.

    • Only 5-10% of cancer diagnosis’ have a direct genetic influence.

  • Study: Prostate Cancer

    • The group engaging in epigenetic intervention- 3 months later, they had over 500 genes change, and the prostate cancer genes were shut down.

 (11:15) Negative impact of Fear:

  • Your thoughts and emotions can create and either healthy or toxic atmosphere in the body.

  • Perpetual stress = Chronic cortisol output.

    • Adrenals

    • HPA Axis

  • How fear shifts the biochemistry of your body.

  • Mitochondrial disease

(14:00) Different approaches to Internal Transformation:

  • Positive thinking, talk therapy is surface level, and focuses on the fear without actually solving it.

  • “Putting a band aid over it” vs. Facing it head on

  • How does our soul realm and our spirit realm interact with one another?

  • Subconscious mind:

    • Stores our core beliefs

    • Core belief = a conclusion you come to based on your experience.

    • Pre-programed notions get stored in your thought bank.

    • Default mode

    • You have to actively go in, recognize it, and break that pattern with intention.

(20:44) Working with core beliefs to have an internal transformation.

  • Inside Out the Pixar Movie

  • Real client example #1:

    • Reflecting on why cancer appeared in his body

    • Addressing core issues

    • The spiritual realm is outside time and space

    • Redesigning memories: Shifting the emotions of the memory

      • Forgiveness

      • Giving way to internal transformation

(26:10) Beginning the journey into looking at ourselves:

  • Process of deep thinking changes the brain structure.

    • Default mode network

    • Gaining access to memories

  • Prayer, meditation, journaling, and inviting God to show you what you need to be aware of.

  • Hitting the emotion – going deeper into connecting the subconscious and the conscious mind.

(30:25) Thought Downloads:

  • Thought -> Feeling -> Action

  • Slowing down the process in order to really look at it.

  • Taking everything out of the “mind closet”

(33:15) Real client example #2:

  • Subconscious fear of death

  • Finally connecting with a memory stored in the subconscious mind.

  • Processing trauma later in life

(36:40) Unforgiveness, bitterness, and epigentics:

  • Cancer patients tend to have unforgiveness, bitterness, and someone they need to forgive either themselves or other people in their lives.

  • Bitterness increases cortisol output, suppresses the immune system.

  • Forgiveness is for YOU. It is not for letting someone “off the hook”

  • The person we need to forgive may be ourselves.

(40:08) Earthly realms crossing with heavenly realms:

  • The physical body responds to spiritual divine moments.

  • Healing, spontaneous remission, and internal transformation.

  • Megan’s personal experience with internal transformation:

    • God revealing the truth about his grace.

    • Condemnation breaking off.

    • Breaking thought patterns.

  •  The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

    • How the mind affects the cell membranes

(45:24) Keeping a biblical perspective:

  • Science is always catching up to what the bible has already told us.

  • Spiritual truths are the foundation of our health.

  • He will guide us and lead us if we seek that spiritual guidance.

  • Holy spirit drives the mind, and the mind drives what you do in your body. This is where we find health.

(47:23) Quantum Physics:

  • Quantum physics is basically the place where the spirit realm and the physical body and physical experience converge.

    • Atoms make up our cells which make up our bodies.

    • Atoms are vibrating energy.

  • God created the Universe by speaking.

    • The words he spoke created frequencies which created the earth.

    • Frequencies connect our world and our spiritual reality.

  • Your physical body can need tuning just like a piano.

  • Shifting the frequency in your body.

  • Eastern State University for that ideal frequency is between 62-68 hertz.

  • Disease results with inharmonious frequencies. 

(53:55) Final Thoughts:

  • For Cancer Peace University course information click here.

    • October 2nd: 6-week mini course

    • February 2020: Full course

  • Understand the steps that are necessary for internal transformation.

  • Following biblical principles to manage our minds.

(1:00:23) Outro & Disclaimer

Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!