20: Iodine Deficiency in Thyroid and Breast Cancer

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On today’s podcast we are talking about the ESSENTIAL micronutrient, iodine! Join us as guest Megan Van Zyl and I go on a journey of unveiling how iodine deficiency is linked the thyroid and breast cancer. Be prepared to have your mind blown— this is an episode you won’t want to miss!


EPISODE 20: Iodine Deficiency in Thyroid and Breast Cancer



(0:00) Intro

(0:45) Announcing today’s guest, Megan Van Zyl!

(2:25) Cancer Peace University

o   Cancer can be an opportunity to take your life back, and to finally make those changes you have been procrastinating or afraid to make.

o   Becoming your own catalyst for healing – emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

(4:46) The story of how Megan was led into this line of work

o   Shedding light on how mind, body, and spirit are all correlated with the status of our health

(9:47) Introducing the meat of today’s topic: The link between iodine deficiency and cancer in the thyroid and the breast.

(10:22) Let’s talk iodine!

o   Megan’s experience with iodine deficiency

o   Why iodine is an essential micronutrient

(12:52) How the thyroid and iodine have a symbiotic relationship

(14:14) Discussing different options for iodine testing

o   Iodine loading test

(16:28) How iodine acts as an extension of the immune system

o   Bacteria, parasites, and tumors, oh my!

(17:30) Thyroid hormone and its relationship to connective tissue

o   The role of connective tissue in cancer cells

(18:30) More on the critical importance of iodine!

o   Iodine is an epigenetic cue for tumor suppressing gene P53

o   Apoptosis (normal cell death) is part of the body’s natural cleansing system

o   Real food first: Give your holy temple the materials it needs to support the regeneration process

(21:46) What are the best sources of iodine?

o   History and the misconceptions about iodized salt

o   Verdict: Choose Himalayan or sea salt instead!

(24:05) Food sources of Iodine

o   Are food sources of iodine enough to replenish iodine deficiency?

(25:35) How do we get so iodine deficient?

(28:03) Word of caution on experimenting with iodine supplementation alone

o   It is best to seek guidance with an experienced professional

(30:07) How iodine deficiency affects the breasts

o   There are 3 types of estrogen that the body produces and iodine plays an important role in the ratio balance

o   Fibrocystic breast disease

(34:07) Megan has a mic drop moment: Breaking it all down

o   Thyroid, T3, T4, and mitochondrial disease

o   How cancer is related to having a broken apoptotic pathway

(36:26) Thyroid medications and thyroid dysfunction in relation to iodine deficiency

o   Unveiling Hashimoto’s contraindications

o   It is important to work with a practitioner that is familiar with Hashimoto’s and iodine

(40:39) The skinny on raw cruciferous vegetables

(45:14) Book Reference: The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow

o   Relationship between iodine and mental clarity

o   Iodine boing

(47:07) Summing up our discussion

o   Advocating for ourselves

o   Identifying deficiencies

o   Getting the proper micronutrients under the macronutrient umbrella

(49:26) Anchor questions

(53:40) Where you can find Megan!

o   Visit Megan’s website: www.cancerpeaceuniversity.com

o   For more information, email Megan at cancerpeaceuniversity@gmail.com

(56:57) Outro and Disclaimer