14: Tummy Troubles- IBS with Andrea Dahlman, NTP


Gut symptoms like gas, bloating, and constipation are so common and so detrimental to our health AND our quality of life. Join me as I discuss IBS and other tummy troubles with today’s podcast guest, Andrea Dahlman, NTP.



  • (00:00) Welcome & Intro

  • (04:30) Let’s welcome today’s guest- Andrea Dahlman, NTP of Redeeming Nutrition.

  • (06:00) What is IBS?

    • IBS is a big umbrella diagnosis- basically meaning “we don’t know why you have this”. It usually describes symptoms that worsen after eating and are relieved with elimination. Could include constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating.

      • All most doctors offer is bandaid solutions like medications for symptom relief. As Taylor Swift says, bandaids don’t fix bullet holes.

    • “Normal” bowel habits= BM 1-3 times per day

  • (19:30) What causes IBS symptoms?

    • Nerves & muscles in gut are not talking correctly- vagus nerve dysfunction when we are in a stressed out state.

    • Dysfunction in the migrating motor complex- our digestive “housekeeper”.

      • It can either be too slow or too quick (constipation or diarrhea”.

      • It’ s best to space 3-4 hours between meals or snacks so the “housekeeper” can finish cleaning up the one meal before another occurs.

    • Gut flora imbalance

      • Having a balanced garden of bacteria without too many weeds is the goal.

      • Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant is my pick for probiotics- learn more here.

    • Parasites or yeast overgrowth

    • Food intolerances or food sensitivities

  • (38:00) Practical strategies to address IBS

    • Check for food sensitivities- if you can’t afford the MRT testing, remove the top 5 sensitivities for 30 days (gluten/wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, & corn) and see if your symptoms improve.

    • Eat mindfully without any distractions- just you and your food!

    • Get a GI-MAP stool test done- you can click here to learn more about testing with me.

    • Digestive support- work with an NTP/NTC to learn which would be best for you.

      • Enzymes

      • Hydrochloric acid supplementation

      • Liver support

    • Probiotics- Just Thrive- start low and slow. You can purchase here.

    • Diarrhea- drink coconut water for electrolyte balance.

    • Bloating- avoid sorbitol, xylitol, and fructose- don’t need to eliminate fruit, just be aware of the quantities.

      • Eat fruit on an empty stomach for easier digestion.

    • Common food triggers of IBS

      • Deep fried or fatty foods, chocolate, coffee

      • Raw veggies- eat 75% cooked veggies to assist with digestion

    • Immediate relief for constipation

      • Acute?

        • 200-400 mg of magnesium glycinate before bed

        • Lots of water!!!

        • Epsom salt bath before bed

      • Chronic?

        • Triphala- Ayurvedic fruit.

        • Along with daily magnesium.

  • (52:00) What’s wrong with Miralax?

    • For the majority of people, Miralax is not the long-term answer.

    • It’s a band-aid solution.

  • (54:00) Anchor Questions

    • What’s your anchor meal?

      • Dinner for breakfast!

    • What’s your anchor verse?

      • Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

  • Thank you Andrea for joining me on the podcast!!

  • Outro & Disclaimer