13: Setting Your Carb Boundaries


Setting boundaries with carbohydrates allows us to eat the fun foods we love without sacrificing our physical health or our mental peace. The endless mental chatter surrounding your diet has to stop- and setting great carb boundaries is one way to do this. Tune in below to learn more about how YOU can do this too.





  • (00:00) Welcome & Intro

  • (00:50) Today’s Scripture Inspiration

    • A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. -Proverbs 25:28

  • (02:00) Why Balancing Your Carb Load Is Important

    • Carbs are just naturally more tempting than fats & proteins- which are limited by what nature provides!

    • An overload of carbs creates all kinds of body issues- and makes your metabolism drag.

    • Keto is not the answer- for more on this, check out this blog post: Why I Don’t Eat Keto.

    • The answer isn’t to stay suspended on either side- let’s find our “Goldilocks” carb load.

  • (03:55) How To Find Your Goldilocks Carb Load

    • Identify Your Carb Categories

      • Real Food Carbs- Fruits & vegetables

      • Whole Food Carbs- grains like rice, oatmeal, quinoa

      • Heck Yeah Carbs- anything tempting! Bread, cookies, donuts, alcohol.

    • Think… how do you want to spend your carb load?

      • We should stick with “Real Food Carbs” most of the time.

      • BUT we need to allow for lifestyle flexibility and grace- that’s where Heck Yeah Carbs come in.

  • (07:00) Finding Freedom in Boundaries

    • It’s like a little kid playing in the yard- having a fence helps the kid’s mom to relax and be at peace.

    • Having a hard boundary gets rid of the excess mind chatter that goes into your food decisions.

  • (09:12) If it’s not a Heck Yeah, it’s a Heck No!

    • Set those boundaries so now you have a safe yard to play in- no shame, no guilt, no worries allowed.

    • My line in the sand: NO wheat or gluten for me. Now the bread basket doesn’t even tempt me!

    • Think about your top 5-10 Heck Yeahs and stick to those boundaries.

      • My Heck Yeahs include gluten-free bread, gluten-free pizza, wine, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  • (12:32) God has given you free will and authority to be the boss of what you allow into your body!

    • Now apply action to that!

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  • (14:46) Outro & Disclaimer