22: Fat Burning Training

Hello my friends! On today’s episode I am discussing metabolic flexibility, and why it does NOT take a magic potion to burn both fat and carbs efficiently! Tune in to find our why we tend to live in a perpetual carb burning mode, and how to teach the body to enter fat burning using real food, fasting, and common sense. Don’t train your body to become reliant on a program that you can’t sustain. My view is, let’s train it for the long haul!

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21: Clear Sign from God #3

On today’s podcast episode I am discussing it means for me to be a Christian Nutritionist and how I have learned to be bold in asking for clear signs from God. Join me on this storytelling journey of how I decided to let my faith be bigger than my fear— and how I was called to continue spreading the word of ‘Real food the way God made it’ through expanding the reach of Feast 2 Fast!

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19: The Holy Trinity of Macronutrients

On today’s podcast we are talking about The Holy Trinity of Macronutrients – Carbs, Protein, and Fat, and why each one of them is essential to the needs of our bodies. We take a deep dive into the issues we may run into with fad extreme diets, and how a real whole food diet with balanced macronutrients can support the Holy Temple that is your body!

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18: Why Hidden Mold Is Wrecking Your Health

On today’s podcast, we’re talking about a topic that, quite frankly, kind of scares me. 😂 It’s time to talk about mold. My Operations Manager, Carly, who is also an RN & NTP, is joining us to discuss why indoor environmental toxins, especially mold, can keep us sick and giving us some of her key strategies for navigating mold illness and keeping your home healthy.

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13: Setting Your Carb Boundaries

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. -Proverbs 25:28

Setting boundaries with carbohydrates allows us to eat the fun foods we love without sacrificing our physical health or our mental peace. The endless mental chatter surrounding your diet has to stop- and setting great carb boundaries is one way to do this. Tune in to learn more about how YOU can do this.

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12: Food Sensitivities- A Hidden Reason For Your Health Problems

I am so excited to now be offering gut health & food sensitivity testing in my nutrition practice. Food sensitivities are definitely a hot topic, and for good reason. They can be the cause of all kinds of hidden symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and skin issues. In today’s episode, I’m chatting all things food sensitivities and food sensitivity testing! Tune in to learn more!

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10: Why You Need A Probiotic with Tina Anderson

🤓 Did you know that the human body is made up of more bacteria than it is human cells? And these bacteria affects your cravings, weight, mood, and more. You want bacteria in your body that work FOR you instead of against you.

💊That’s where a good-quality probiotic comes in. I invited probiotic expert, Tina Anderson, onto the podcast this week to tackle the biggest probiotic myths and give us the lowdown on this topic.

Let’s dive in!

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