What Breaks My Fast?

The #1 question I get as a nutritionist is “does _____ break my fast?”. Do you know what fasting is? What to eat (or not to eat!) during a fast? Read on for all the deets!


I recommend intermittent fasting for many of my clients. Within IF, there are different types of fasting, and you can choose which to do based on your health goals and where you are in your journey. For more assistance tweaking your fast, click HERE to join my Feast 2 Fast program, beginning November 5th.

OK, let’s dig in to the different types of fasting!

#1. Total Fasting

Sometimes referred to as “water fasting”, this encourages your body to dip into its own fat stores and to cleanse at the cellular level. You can drink lemon water with a pinch of salt, a bit of bone broth, or black coffee during your fasting window. You’ll want to avoid any concentrated calorie sources (anything over 50 calories). This is a more advanced tactic, you may want to ease in with one of the other options.


#2. Fat-Burning Mode

Coffee won’t necessarily break your fast but what you put IN your coffee could.

To stay in fat-burning mode, you don’t want to add sugar and carbs to your coffee. Your body will switch over into sugar-burning mode.

You can add healthy fats to your coffee like full-fat coconut milk, coconut oil or butter. Your body will use those fats immediately instead of your stored body fat - but you will still be in fat-burning mode. Having fat in your coffee can be helpful in extending your fast. It can help bust hunger and cravings, especially if you are just starting out with fasting. So if you enjoy your coffee with fats in it- go for it! I love coconut milk in my coffee! 


#3. Digestive Reset

You can also add a small amount of protein in when fasting, like collagen. Too much protein can turn off autophagy (cellular cleansing...which we’ll talk about down the road) but it’s not going to throw you out of fat-burning.

This type of fasting is great if you’re just starting out. The protein can help curb excess cravings and hunger, when combined with a small amount of fat. I’d suggest collagen- click HERE to read all about it.


I hope you’re feeling empowered with your newfound fasting knowledge! You can become your own nutrition expert in my program, Feast 2 Fast. Our next round begins November 5th. I’d be honored if you would join us. Click HERE for more information.