The Fat-Burning Seesaw

Fat burning seesaw.png

Choosing what foods to eat can often feel like you’re just guessing! Is keto good? What about high-carb vegan diets? Talk about confusing.

Let’s simplify things.

Protein should be your steady macro- once you decide on the right number for your body, stick to that range!

Fat and carbs should be played like a seesaw: when one is up, the other is down. 
When both fat and carbs are high (hello cake!), it creates weight gain and inflammation. There are times when cake is going to happen and that’s ok. It just can’t happen too often. Carbs and fat are both easily available sources of energy, and we don’t want to overwhelm the body with energy. A big dose of both, too much, too often is a metabolism wrecker!

And if you’ve ever dieted (either low carb or low fat) for an extended period of time, you know that when you get back to eating the forbidden food, your metabolism slows in response!

Your body is capable of using both for energy- that is how you were created! In Feast 2 Fast, we incorporate low carb macro ratios most of the time, and throw in a few higher carb feast days per week. This way your metabolism learns to burn both. You can click HERE to join for nutrition support and education in a thriving community of Christian women.