How To Be A Sexy, Confident Christian


I almost didn’t write this post.

Wait. Is Sexy Christian an oxymoron? 🤔

“Sexy” and “Christian” aren’t often found in the same description and I almost didn’t write this post for fear of ruffling some pious feathers. But, listen, I have to be real here. Because there were so many years I didn’t feel sexy OR confident and, guess what… that can really affect the way you show up in life.

The thing is: It’s OK to want to feel confident and beautiful and sexy!

Notice I said feel. Looks are subjective and fleeting but the way you feel about yourself stays with you for forever. Nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty, too, but I can tell you that no amount of hair dye, skin cream or eye lash serum could fix the problems I was having.

Because here’s the deal.

You know what’s NOT sexy? Headaches. Being constantly bloated. Constipation. Skin eruptions. Body shame. That basically sums up my twenties and early thirties.

Sexy, right?



You wouldn’t have known any of this by looking at me. I’ve always been in a healthy weight range, I’m not totally unfortunate looking (I hope all of you Clueless fans catch that line 😉 ) and, although I’ve had some zinger hairdos and outfits, I’ve stayed fairly up-to-date with style.

But there was a hot mess underneath that ornamental hood.

Did this affect the way I lived my life? You’re dang right it did.

Between the persistent bloating/constipation and oozing skin cysts, I constantly felt…well, just gross. I never felt comfortable in a swimsuit. I felt “fat” with my bloated belly and stressed that my HS “bumps” would show or, worse, bleed out on my clothes. Google Hidradenitis Suppurativa and I think you’ll agree that I’ve had my fair share of demons to battle. I was tired and headachy a lot. I can remember when I was dating my husband - there were times I wouldn’t join him in some of the go-go activities he was always doing because I. Just. Felt. Blech.

My life wasn’t terrible; I had a lot of good things going for me. The point is, I was living it all from a subpar level. I was living my life under the radar of who I was meant to be and who I could be because I didn’t feel good and I didn’t feel good about myself.

I haven’t even touched on intimacy issues but, Ladies, we know that the way we feel and feel about ourselves play a ginormous role in how we show up - or don’t - in this area.

Do you know what’s sad? I’d resigned to living at this subpar level. I didn’t think I had a choice. I thought it was genetics or maybe just my cross to bear. I’d seen my mom battle similar digestive and headache problems most of her life. My skin condition is a genetic issue passed down from my dad’s side. I was equally doomed with genes from both parents! I thought: well, this is just who we are. My people don’t poop and we have bad skin. I’m screwed. LOL!


It wasn’t until I was desperate…until doctors could do no more for my skin situation and until I desperately wanted a baby but couldn’t conceive…that I came to discover that my genes were not my prison sentence… and that God does not purposefully “give us” problems.

What I learned was that my digestive issues were more than just an inconvenience, they were creating an environment in my body for headaches, for exhaustion, for skin issues and, ultimately, for infertility. I learned that the food I was eating totally wrecked my hormonal balance and energy levels. I learned that my body was starving - not of calories, but of nutrients.

And I learned that I had the power to change All of it.

If you’ve read my bio post, you know that all of this is what led me to become a nutritionist and why I am SO freakin’ passionate about getting this message out to you. Of all of the doctors and medications and major surgery I went through over a twenty year time period…not once was my nutrition - the very building blocks of my body - ever in question. But, ultimately, it’s what healed me.

Has discovering this affected the way I now live my life? You’re dang right it has!

When I make the right food choices I can avoid bloating and constipation, manage my skin condition and live without headaches. And I had three babies without the need of fertility drugs/treatments as recommended by doctors so long ago.



What does this mean in my everyday life?

Well, for one, it means I feel lighter. Though I was never overweight, I always felt big, bloated and heavy.

It means, because I’m not so sluggish, I have more energy. There was a time I couldn’t get through the day without a nap. If you’ve ready my Sugar Detox for Christians ebook you know how I used to take secret naps at my corporate job every day. That was ten years before I even had kids!

It means, I’m not in pain from huge cysts underneath my skin.

It means, I’m not constantly worried that one is going to rupture and lead to an embarrassing situation.

It means, even though I am scarred from all of the years of having this condition, I can put on a swimsuit with more confidence and feel free to play and swim with my kids.

It means, I’m more present with my husband and less in my head with my insecurities.

It means, I feel better in my forties than I did in my twenties.

It means, I Show Up in life instead of flying under the radar.



Friend, I can’t even stand it if you are living your life under the radar because of a health issue that could be improved or even overcome with different food and lifestyle choices.

Please - contact me, find a book, seek out a functional medicine doctor - do something! This life is not a dress rehearsal. The time is now.

Do you know what’s super cool about this whole thing - aside from feeling a gazillion times better? It was everything in bringing me closer to God. I can look back and see all of the seeds He planted along the way. Not the problem seeds, but the solution seeds. Not the lemons, but the sweet sweet lemonade. The means for better health and healing were always available. In finding them, I found my purpose. In searching, I found a merciful and benevolent God. A God who meets me in a place I love to be: reading, learning and sharing about food and health. He meets me there every day and it kind of blows me away. It makes me cry to think about it. I’m so grateful!


So let’s circle back to sexy. The definition of sexy is to be generally attractive or interesting.

But what’s the secret to being attractive and interesting? Confidence.

What’s the secret to confidence? Feeling good about yourself.

How do you feel good about yourself?

Honor the health of your Holy Temple: Spirit, Mind and Body.

Show up and SHINE.

And when everyone wants to know about that Light in your life: tell them.