My Favorite Deodorant

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Hey there, friend! Today, we’re going to get up close and personal… we’re talking armpits!

Conventional antiperspirants are the pits. Read on to learn why and discover my favorite natural deodorant options!

3 Reasons Why Conventional Deodorant Is The Pits!


#1. No Sweating= Difficulty Detoxing

A reduction in sweating might seem like a benefit, but stay with me for a sec. I know many of us grew up with the conventional antiperspirants from the grocery store or drugstore like Secret or Ban. We were paralyzed with fear of sweating at an inopportune moment or being smelly! The horror. 🤣

It turns out our bodies are actually meant to sweat. One of the major reasons that aluminum-based antiperspirants are so toxic is because they inhibit this natural function. The aluminum compound in these deodorants essentially lodges itself into the ducts (where sweat is released from your armpits) and plugs them up, which prevents you from sweating.

Sweating is one of the the most important elimination pathways we have for getting rid of toxins and excess hormones. Along with pooping, my other favorite elimination pathway! 😉 But seriously, if you aren’t sweating, the waste that would have been released via your sweat will just continue to recirculate in your body, wreaking havoc!

At the very minimum, choose a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant. This will enable your body to sweat the way it needs to for elimination of toxins!

#2. IT Contains Aluminum

Read that first reason again! When you apply conventional antiperspirant, you are applying ALUMINUM, fragrance, and other chemicals straight to your skin. Studies have shown that aluminum is absorbed through the skin, and the skin under your arm is even more thin and delicate than the rest of your body, which leads to quicker and greater rates of chemical absorption (source). Our body has a lymphatic system which assists in circulating immune cells and helps us get rid of toxins. The lymph nodes in your armpits are directly connected to breast tissue- they’re even called the “internal mammary chain”.

According to Darbre (2016) , aluminum can actually change breast cells and lead to the development of fibrocystic breast changes and eventually, breast cancer. This may be due to aluminum accumulating in breast tissue and interfering with normal cell function (source).

#3. What Goes Into Your Body, Must Come Out

Like I always say, symptoms are your body’s way of sending you an important message! You don’t just want to cover B.O. up without investigating the root cause.

Do you feel paralyzed and forced into using “clinical strength” antiperspirant because of body odor? Think about it- what goes into the body must come out!

An excess of sweating and body odor are a sign from your body that it is undergoing an overload of toxins, you aren’t eating nutrient-dense foods, you aren’t moving your body enough, or you’re dehydrated. It can even be a sign of hormonal imbalance or stress. Or a combination of all of the above!

Making The Switch To Natural Deodorant


Natural deodorants use different ingredients than conventional antiperspirants, so it is an adjustment at first. The vast majority contain baking soda, which generally has the highest effectiveness rate for absorbing excess sweat from the skin and preventing B.O. BUT there’s a caveat… oftentimes baking soda can irritate the skin, leading to a lovely natural deodorant rash. You may want to try to use a baking-soda based deodorant, and if irritation occurs, switch to a “sensitive” natural deodorant with less or no baking soda.

Another disclaimer: You may smell worse at first for a few weeks after quitting your toxic deodorant (i.e. you may need to re-apply multiple times- so keep your natural deo of choice close at hand!). Once your body adjusts, natural deodorant should cover you all day. To speed up the adjustment, feel free to try an armpit detox (I’ve linked to one option here from Wellness Mama.)

As you adjust, make sure you support your detox pathways by dry brushing, moving your body (the shaker can be especially helpful!) , eating cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cauliflower, and drinking lots of pure water with fresh lemon added.

My Favorite Natural Deodorants

Myself and my operations manager Carly have each tried so many natural deodorants. Including Primal Pit Paste, Lavanila, Herban Cowboy, Jason, Tom’s of Maine, Bedrock, Kopari, Native, Schmidt’s, Piperwai, and more... After years of trial and error (and lots of deodorant duds!), these are our 3 top favorite brands!

One thing to note… these recommendations are not “one size fits all”. Just like we shouldn’t all be eating the exact same things every day, our bodies are all different and have different needs.

Finding a formula that works for you and your body chemistry might take a little bit of trial and error, but I promise it’s worth the effort. Your body will thank you!

#1. Native Deodorant ($12).

PROS: We both use the “sensitive” version of Native deodorant because it is effective, lasts all day, and doesn’t irritate the armpits. I love the Coconut & Vanilla scent as well as the Lavender! Now available at Target. If you prefer to order online, Native has a subscription service which reduces the cost. Free shipping and returns if you don’t like it.

CONS: Kind of on the expensive side, and not quite as accessible as Schmidt’s.

Click HERE to order Native Deodorant and get a free mini with your purchase (affiliate link).

#2. Schmidt’s Deodorant ($8)

PROS: It is easily accessible and often found in regular grocery stores in addition to online retailers like Amazon. Works very well!

CONS: Schmidt’s is a great option if you don’t have sensitive skin. Both Carly and I found that after a few months of using Schmidt’s, the dreaded “armpit rash” appeared. They do have a “sensitive skin” formula which might be worth a shot.

#3. Kopari Deodorant ($14)

PROS: This one is not the most natural in terms of ingredients but it is unique in that it contains no baking soda. Lasts all day. Less creamy, goes on more like an antiperspirant rollerball does. Because of this the container lasts longer!

CONS: Contains a few sketchy ingredients like propylene glycol (although all things considered, it is much better than aluminum varieties!). Relatively expensive. Only available online!

Another option that comes highly recommended by several friends is Primally Pure deodorant, but I haven’t tried it yet!

Have you made the switch to natural deodorant yet? If so, what’s your favorite natural deodorant?

I want to hear from YOU in a comment below!