Shake Up Your Routine

If you’re plateauing in your exercise routine or just need something new to mix things up, I highly recommend “the shaker”. It’s my new favorite health contraption- with the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise in just a 10-minute session! You can buy my shaker HERE on Amazon

Also known as “whole body vibration”, the shaker increases the amount of force exerted on your body, and the amount of work your body must do to maintain its position. Your body adjusts to the forces by making tiny unconscious adjustments to your posture and muscles. The result? Better results in less time! 

I like to multi-task when I’m on the shaker- by checking email or social media! You can also do exercises like squats or bicep curls while you stand on it to ramp up the intensity. 


Benefits of WBV include...

  1. Strength: Up-and-down movements strengthen & tone muscles, and even help slow down age-related muscle loss!

  2. Bone-building: Weight-bearing exercise like strength training has long been considered as the gold standard for improving bone health. One benefit of the shaker is that it can be used to improve bone density, especially in the elderly and kids, and others who can’t tolerate weight-bearing exercise.

  3. Metabolism boost: It increases hormone secretion such as IGF-1, testosterone, and human growth hormone- all of which are very important for fat burning.

  4. Improved coordination: Side-to-side and front-to-back movements Improve flexibility, balance, and coordination.

  5. Improves circulation: boosts blood flow to speed up the healing process of any injuries

  6. Increases lymphatic flow: Boosts lymphatic drainage so that toxic waste products can be eliminated quickly and not reabsorbed!

I’d love to see pics of you on your shaker. Feel free to share about your experience in my Facebook group, The Christian Nutritionist Community. You can purchase my favorite shaker HERE