How Many Carbs to Eat


In my Feast 2 Fast program, we aim for 50g-75g of carbs most days. This is a nice range for promoting weight loss without feeling deprived of a major macronutrient.

The thing about carbs is that they signal our body to release insulin, which is a fat storage hormone. So the more carbs you eat, the more you are telling your body to store fat, not burn it.

This is not to say that carbs are a bad thing...not at all. We just have to be mindful about how and when we incorporate them into our day. 

Strategically it’s better to eat them later in the day as opposed to first thing in the morning. That’s because your body is primed for fat burning in the morning. But once you introduce carbs (orange  juice, toast, cereal, etc) you turn off fat burning and switch into storage mode. 


The kind of carbs you eat make a difference too!

In Feast 2 Fast we break them down into 3 categories:
Real Food Carbs (colorful and root veggies, fruit)
Whole Food Carbs (ie: rice, beans, quinoa….)
Heck Yeah Carbs (all the rest...carbs that aren’t nutritious but taste delicious)

 Over the 4-week program we systematically go through the different categories of carbs, learning how to make them a part of a sustainable lifestyle of eating. Because let’s be real, it’s the carbs that trip us up. And depriving yourself doesn’t work. Ever vowed to never eat a cookie again only to turn around and eat the whole bag? Been there!

Yo-yo diet.png

It’s important to be discerning and intentional about the carbs that you eat. It’s the only way to create a lifestyle you can live with and, more importantly, food peace. Because life is too short to overthink food and dieting.

Registration is open for my next round of Feast 2 Fast which kicks off January 7th, 2019 (a new year reboot!). I do a lot of teaching inside of this program...explaining why and how we use food to lose weight, feel great and be all God created us to be. Grab your spot HERE if you’d like to join in. I’d love to have you!!!