It's Not all Liver and Kale Chips Over Here....

I’m a mom. And a nutritionist. Sometimes these don’t mesh well. While I’d love for you to think it’s all liver and kale chips over here, it’s not. My kids don’t want to eat cauliflower or salmon any more than yours do. We’ve had pouting, crying, screaming, and vomiting at the table. I’ve disguised food, renamed food, forced food, bribed food, threatened food…you name it. Some things have worked, some things have not.

the christian Nutritionist

I’m certainly not proud of all of those moments, but being a mom is often a game of trial and error. Changing the way my family eats has been a long, slow process. Baby steps. Teeny ones. Although my kids don’t eat perfectly all of the time, they eat nutritiously most of the time. And that’s what matters. We talk a lot about where food comes from. Water comes from the ground. Apples come from trees. Eggs come from chickens. To keep it simple, I tell them that we do our best to eat the food that God made. That’s what makes sense to me, and, hopefully makes a lifelong impression on them.

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Chelsea Blackbird