Charcoal is Char-Cool

Let me explain why I think charcoal is Char-Cool....

Charcoal is known for absorbing toxins and helping carry them out of the body. I keep not one, but two kinds of charcoal on hand at all times. One for the inside of my body and one for the outside. I consider these two items a must-have in my medicine and supplement cabinet. And, yes, I consider the facial mask pretty much like a supplement, of equal importance to the one I take internally.


I take charcoal when I eat something that will knowingly cause my body distress: like when I go out and eat too many tortilla chips cooked in oxidized oils, overdo sugar or have one too many glasses of wine with my girlfriends. It doesn’t remove ALL the bad stuff – I mean, it’s not a magic pill – but it lessens the blow to the body and helps move things out more efficiently. Activated charcoal is also a great supplement to take when you’re going on vacation and worried about the quality of the food. I like Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal because it uses high quality ingredients and sourcing methods (ie: it’s made from coconut shells that go through an acid washing method to remove toxic heavy metals that are often present in the preparation of charcoal).

One thing to remember about taking charcoal – don’t take it close to any medications or other supplements. It not only binds up and absorbs toxins, but could also bind up nutrients and medicinal ingredients. Make sure to drink it with lots of water too to prevent constipation.

My other must-have is a charcoal mask for my face. I use this mask 1-2 times per week as part of my regular beauty routine to help bind up and pull out any nasty stuff building up in my skin. My pores tighten up and my skin feels softer and looks brighter after I use it.


I also use it as a spot treatment when I get a pimple. I dab it on the spot, sleep with it and it reduces the pimple in size and intensity over night. I use the Beauty Counter #3 Balancing and Charcoal mask. Beauty Counter is rigorous about their ingredient and sourcing process, so I don’t worry that I’m getting any unwanted chemicals in the mask. It would be a serious bummer to put something on my face with toxins when I’m trying to remove toxins. As a nutritionist, I recommend Beauty Counter for this reason. We have to be as vigilant about what we put on our body as what we put in our body. You can go to my personal Beauty Counter page here if you are interested in ordering.