The Top 8 Allergens (+ My Favorite Allergen-Free Recipes!)

Our body’s immune system is designed to keep us safe. But what happens when it goes too far and starts reacting to foods like they’re a foreign invader?

Read this blogpost to learn about food allergies, the top 8 foods that trigger them, and instantly download 14 top-8-free recipes to mix up your allergy-friendly cooking.

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Should You Try The Carnivore Diet?

Have you heard of The Carnivore Diet? If you haven’t, you will. It’s the new kid on the dietary block and it’s just like it sounds: an all-meat diet. In this blogpost, I’m spilling the deets on the Carnivore Diet, whether it’s healthy, and who it could work for.

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10: Why You Need A Probiotic with Tina Anderson

🤓 Did you know that the human body is made up of more bacteria than it is human cells? And these bacteria affects your cravings, weight, mood, and more. You want bacteria in your body that work FOR you instead of against you.

💊That’s where a good-quality probiotic comes in. I invited probiotic expert, Tina Anderson, onto the podcast this week to tackle the biggest probiotic myths and give us the lowdown on this topic.

Let’s dive in!

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08: Macros, Protein, Protein Powder, & Collagen

🍗 Did you know that God didn’t give us animal sources of food until AFTER the flood? 

🙏🏼 I sure am grateful He did. I consider protein my “steady macro.” Carbs and fats are the macros we play around with when it comes to energy manipulation, but protein stays more constant. I plan my meals around my protein and always encourage my kids to eat their protein first. 

🎧 In this podcast episode I’m answering your questions about all things protein! Take a listen and let me know what you think!  

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