16: Cardio vs. Strength- Redefining Your Shape with Jen McCamish


In this podcast, my friend and fitness expert Jennifer McCamish is joining me to chat about all things fitness. We discuss everything from her 4 years as a Rockette to the best exercises to redefine your shape!



  • (00:00) Welcome & Intro

  • (01:00) Introducing Jennifer McCamish of Dancers Shape

  • (06:05) Why we need a combo of strength + cardio for optimum body composition

    • Why you prefer one or the other

      • Depends on your innate balance of fast-twitch muscle fibers (prefer cardio) vs. slow-twitch muscle fibers (prefer strength)

    • Cardio

      • Ways to incorporate cardio

        • Cardio can be a lever- it doesn’t always need to be a “full out” sprint. Just do what’s right for you.

        • If you have a desk job, get up and walk around as much as you can.

      • How the body responds to cardio

        • Helps burn excess energy

        • Improves lung capacity and keeps the heart healthy

        • Endorphin production- “runner’s high”

        • High impact on the body!

    • Strength

      • Ways to incorporate strength training

        • Yoga

        • Pilates- Can do mat pilates, doesn’t require machines.

        • Do squats or lunges throughout the day!

      • How the body responds to strength training

        • Burns more calories throughout the day without doing anything

        • The higher the muscle mass, the higher the metabolism.

        • Changes your aesthetic look- tones and shapes the muscles.

        • Increases bone density.

        • Allows you to have longevity in your fitness routine by preventing injury and improving posture.

  • (27:00) Why I tell my daughter Blair to “Queen Up” when she’s slouching.

  • (33:50) The best forms of strength training

    • Jen uses Pilates among other modalities at her fitness studio, Dancers Shape.

    • Is body weight or lifting weight for training better?

      • When you lift weights, you are usually targeting one muscle group.

      • When you do bodyweight exercises or functional movements, you are strengthening the entire body, especially your core muscles

      • You really need to do both!

  • (36:10) How to prevent plateaus

    • Macronutrient variation (higher fats and low carbs one day, then higher carbs and lower fat the next day) keeps our body guessing, and so does varying our different types of movement!

    • Variety also helps us stay engaged with our exercise.

  • (37:00) Why weight training is especially important for women

    • Helps maintain healthy BMI which reduces stress on the joints

    • Helps build bone mass which prevents/slows down osteoporosis

      • Why calcium supplementation generally isn’t the best idea:

        • Not having enough calcium is generally not the issue, It’s that we lack the cofactors for calcium absorption and that tell the calcium where to go in our bodies (the bones, not the arteries!)

        • Vitamin D3 & K2 supplements are what I generally recommend to keep the bones healthy and prevent unnecessary deposition of calcium in the arteries.

  • (43:00) Movements that give you the biggest “bang for your buck”

    • Plank

      • Remember to soften your elbows and not lock them out. Keep that low back lifted.

    • Lunges with weights in your hands (gets lower body & upper body at once)

    • HIIT or high-intensity interval training

    • Chelsea’s favorite: sprints!

  • (48:20) Post-workout muscle soreness

    • How long is it normal to be sore?

      • A few days, if it exceeds that timeframe it’s likely you overdid it.

  • (61:58) Anchor Questions

    • What is your anchor meal?

      • Baked fish (salmon, cod, tuna), sauteed red peppers and onions, and sweet potato.

    • What is your anchor verse?

      • Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

  • (63:57) Connect with Jen

  • (66:00) Outro & Disclaimer

Thanks for listening! Have a healthy and blessed week!