Are You a Vibrant Grandma?


Ever since my BFF Christi said her long-term health goal is to be a #vibrantgrandma, I realized I have some awesome grandmas in my Christian Health Club membership group. All these ladies began their health journey by joining my Feast 2 Fast program and have seen amazing results. All grandmas should strive to be healthy and vibrant but I feel like a lot of women don't feel like it's possible at a certain age. But that is definitely not the case! No matter what your age or stage of life, you can always keep learning and improving.

These #vibrantgrandmas are living proof of that. Read how they’ve been set free from yo-yo dieting, gone off medications and have more energy for their grandchildren!!



“ I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Chelsea and her program through my daughters.

It’s never too late to learn about the value of eating real foods.

Feast 2 Fast has been an excellent way to keep me on track so I can be healthier for my precious granddaughter, Zoe. ”




“ I have been set free from yo-yo dieting. This is my new way of life and I have never felt better.

Another major win for me was parting with my hypertension medications.

My blood pressure has been normal for a month without any medications. “




“ Becoming a new Grandma has made me even more focused on being the healthiest version of myself.

Feast 2 Fast is the most well rounded and healthy approach to eating well, while also focusing on a healthy relationship with Jesus.

I have so much more energy and feel great! Chelsea has taught me how to have balance and food peace. “




“ Last year at this time, I was anxious and fearful about going through the holiday season.

This year it was wonderful not to have that anxious feeling.  

I have found my food peace, and have allowed grace to work in the slip-ups. “




“ I am an active new grandma who has been inspired by the Christian Health Club group!

I have followed Chelsea’s recommendations to be my healthiest self and have lowered my cholesterol and lost weight.  “



Donnette (far right!) and her family!

Donnette (far right!) and her family!

“ I am 69 and have enjoyed Chelsea and her journey developing her wonderful programs to help us live healthier and more spiritual lives. We met at a group meeting at church and did a health assessment.

Little did my carb- overloaded body know how it would change.

It has been about 4 years now and I love being able to hike, swim, and play with my family and friends. ”


Aren’t these ladies awesome?! If you are a grandma, have a grandma or have a mom who is a grandma - remember that it’s never too late to take control of your health! Share this with someone who has a goal of being a #vibrantgrandma. I would love for them to have access to the free health information on this website or join the other #vibrantgrandmas in my Feast 2 Fast program via this link. I’d love to cheer you on towards your goals of being your highest, healthiest self at any age.