Get Your Groove With the Joovv


No, it’s not a tanning light!

It’s an energy-boosting, collagen-making, skin-glowing, muscle-relaxing, hormonal-balancing, make-your-cells-healthier light. The Joovv is my new favorite health contraption!!!

The Joovv is unique because it puts out both red and infrared light. The red light works from the outside-in, promoting things like skin health and blood flow. It helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots, boosts collagen production and helps your hair grow (one down side: you may have to shave more often - my husband and I both noticed this).

The infrared light works from the inside-out. It penetrates deep into the body at a cellular level, hitting the mitochondria which are the energy-making factories of your body. The health of your mitochondria determines a lot about how your body performs and how you feel. The infrared light is incredible for stimulating the mitochondria leading to more energy, better detoxification, muscle recovery, improved athletic performance, relief from joint pain and arthritis and even increased weight loss. It can also give you a major mood boost!

It truly feels like you are recharging your cellular “batteries” when using the Joovv. Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken a shot of espresso after Joovving!


So, in a nutshell, how does it work? Receptors in your skin and eyes pick up the red & infrared light the Joovv produces. It provides high amounts of types of light that we don’t get nearly enough of in our indoor-dwelling, sunglasses-wearing, hat & sunscreen-crazy society.

Because we’re locked inside on our computers, iPads and phones all day and night, we get way too much “blue light.” This leads to a major imbalance of light energy which comprises all kinds of body functions from brain health to detoxification to melatonin production. Have you ever felt wide awake after picking up your phone in the middle of the night? There’s a good reason for that- light matters! The blue light emitted by your phone sends a signal to your brain saying “it’s 12:00 noon!” which makes you feel wide awake even at 2AM.

The Joovv helps bring the body back into balance. The benefits both inside and out are impressive.



You can learn more & purchase a Joovv via their website HERE. I have a duo panel with a larger surface area which means you need to spend less time in front of it (you want to get your whole body immersed in light during each session- which may require some flipping!). I spend 10 minutes on each side almost every day. Yes, it’s pricey but the warranty is great and the benefits are amazing. Even my husband (Mr. Skeptical) admits feeling the difference.

If you’re interested, check out this YouTube video all about the Joovv. You can also listen to this podcast. Light therapy had been on my radar for some time, but after listening to the podcast (with all of the science and studies explained) I was sold!


Got questions? Ask away below! I’d love to hear from you!