3 Easy Tips For A Healthier Halloween


Are you dreading tomorrow’s trick-or-treating festivities? It’s the time of year for sugar-induced hyper behavior, and then the inevitable sugar crash that follows. But Halloween doesn’t have to be so scary! ;) (see what I did there?)

Read on for my top 3 tips on how to avoid the Halloween sugar overload, and still be in your kids’ good graces!


#1. Lay the Groundwork

Eat a great snack or early dinner that contains protein, fats, and real-food carbohydrates (like fruits & veggies). The right balance of macros will allow your kiddos to go into Halloween with an even-keeled blood sugar level, and because of that, a good mood! A few snack ideas for you…

1.     Apple or banana with organic peanut butter

2.     Snack plate- Hardboiled eggs, celery & carrots with Primal Kitchen or Tessemae’s ranch

3.     Trail mix- One yummy variation to try- almonds, dried blueberries, organic chocolate chips, and gluten-free pretzels!

Also, make sure your kiddos are hydrated before they set out. Pure water is the absolute best choice- the earlier your kids can learn to appreciate it, the better. It’s worth the effort, since hydrated cells = happy kids!


#2. Trick-or-Treat?

The age-old debate… to trick or treat or not?

I don’t think skipping trick or treating is necessary to be healthy. I actually think participating in trick-or-treating is more beneficial for kids’ emotional development than it is detrimental to their health. Think of all the memories you have of amazing Halloweens from your childhood!


My kids always trick or treat, and I allow them to collect as much candy as they would like. The healthy swaps start once we get home…


#3. Swap Out The Candy Stash

We are so lucky that these days, there are so many options for leftover Halloween candy.

The key to these candy swap-outs is making sure your kids get something of value out of the exchange.


Option #1. Simple Swap

My kids have been exposed to healthy eating for years, and are familiar with the negative effects of sugar. Once we get home from trick-or-treating, I swap out their conventional candy for smaller quantities of upgraded options.

Some of our favorite brands include YumEarth & Little Secrets!


Option #2. The Switch Witch

Think of this as the Halloween tooth fairy! Kids leave their candy out overnight and the “switch witch” will take it. In its place, she will leave upgraded treats or toys/games the kids have been wanting. It’s a win-win situation for most kids- and works especially well with younger kids who don’t grasp why sugar isn’t good for them!


I hope this helps you keep this Halloween on the healthier (and saner!) side.

Let me know what your Halloween plans are below! :)



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