Design A Life You Love


I bought this planner last year with the intention to Design A Life I Love. 

To me that means being discerning about the things I allow into this schedule and being purposeful about the things I do not. Instead of running myself ragged I want to embrace joy and things that I love. 

Scheduled time for exercise? Yes
Picking up my kids from school every day? Yes
Allowing them to join every sport or activity? No
Agreeing to teach Sunday school? Yes
Being the president of Woman’s Club again? No
Prioritizing time to shop and cook for my family? Yes
Scheduling a weekly tennis date with my husband? Yes
Creating a shortened but productive work schedule? Yes
Taking appointments in the evenings or weekends? No
Setting boundaries on social media time? Ummmmm, getting better.
Allowing time for my passion to keep studying nutrition topics? Yes
Accepting every social invitation that comes my way? No
Making time for the friends who fill my bucket? Yes

Spending the first part of my day with the Lord? Always. 

Believe me, I have to check in with myself regularly. I have to be mindful about staying in the lane of my happiness. Are you? Each day adds up to the sum of your life.

This is not a dress rehearsal! Be bold in your discernment! My hope and prayer is that you Design A Life You Love!!!!