Better Than A Bikini Pic


What’s better than a bikini pic?

This! This right here. My client’s Before and After Nutrition Assessment and her beautiful smiling face. This, my friends, represents an improved level of health and quality of life that makes me giddy. The red line represents her body’s level of burden and inflammation before we started working together and the blue line represents after. What you see means she went from feeling like crap to feeling amazing.

Better than a Bikini Pic SBCG.png

This graph represents health in a way that a scale will never be able to measure. It shows TRUE HEALTH. Health from the INSIDE OUT.

This is one of the reasons that I highly discourage exclusively focusing on the scale or other external measurements of progress because they often don’t reflect how much healthier you are becoming.

My client, Rebecca, was focused on better health, not weight. But the weight loss came naturally once her digestive issues disappeared, her blood sugar balanced and her nutrient status improved.

This is one of the things that makes Nutritional Therapy (my approach to nutrition) different from all the one-size-fits all crash diets out there. We focus on bioindividuality: your body, your needs, your path to a healthier you. The Nutrition Assessment is a great tool that gives us an unbiased look at how YOUR body is doing and where you need to make changes.

Here's the thing...sometimes our "engines" are broken - we can't break down food or process fats well. Sometimes our bodies rip through B vitamins and Vitamin C and we need more. Maybe you don't have enough EPA/DHA to fuel your anti-inflammatory pathways. We can strive to eat the proper foods, but if your body can’t use the good stuff you’re putting in, how is that helping you?

Your body will tell you what’s up, but you’ve got to listen. My job is to help you “read” your body’s messages and then put together a strategy to support it naturally. Sometimes we gotta fix the engine- because even if the fuel is good, if the engine doesn’t work, that’s no bueno. 😉

It makes my heart so full to see incredible health changes like Rebecca’s! I know that she will show up in life in a grander way because she feels so much better. When we feel well, we serve well. We can fulfill our ultimate health goal of being excellent vessels for the Holy Spirit. Amen and amen!!

If you are interested in taking the Nutrition Assessment as a 1:1 client, you can get started by booking your Initial Consultation HERE.

My Feast 2 Fast program is designed to cover the most problematic categories I see with my 1:1 clients on their Symptom Burden Graphs. If you join the next round you will get a month-long interactive plan that will organically address your body’s most significant foundations. Rebecca started as a 1:1, then signed up for F2F, and is now a member of my private ongoing coaching group: The Christian Health Club. Click here to find out more about Feast 2 Fast.

Note: If you’ve done Feast 2 Fast, you are eligible to join my Christian Health Club monthly membership group HERE. We do Nutrition Assessments 4 times per year to keep our bodies in tip-top shape.

Thanks for reading! What were your biggest takeaways from this post? Have any questions? I’d love to hear from you!