What I Eat in a Day

Ever wonder what a Nutritionist eats in a Day?

I get a lot of questions on this topic so I wanted to share!

My focus is on foods that God made. While I am inspired by philosophies like Paleo, Primal, and the Weston A. Price Foundation, I do not follow any of them exclusively. What I like about these approaches is that they concentrate on a nutrient dense, whole foods diet. My goal is to eat more foods from nature, and less food from a factory. I avoid a "can" or "cannot have" mindset around food and, instead, actively seek out nutrients that help my body to function optimally. I do my best to avoid processed, nutritionally devoid foods. I try to pair common sense with my nutritional education and let that guide my daily choices. Common sense tells me that if I pretty much stick to the food that God made for us to eat, my body will get what it needs.

What I eat.001.jpeg


eggs, colorful vegetables, potatoes and sweet potatoes, grass-fed beef and butter, olives and extra-virgin olive oil, coconut products, avocados and avocado oil.


fruits, cheese, nuts and seeds (including nut/seed butters), sausage and bacon, wine, non-GMO tortilla chips, rice, yogurt, chocolate, honey and maple syrup. 


Unhealthy oils or gluten. Gluten makes my digestive system go beserk and it’s just not worth it. The few times I’ve strayed (I’m looking at you pizza!) I have paid for it with a digestive, skin and sinus rebellion. No thanks. I can always find a gluten-free version if I’m monster craving something. BUT, and this is important, I am gluten-free but eat very few “gluten-free” labeled foods. Exchanging a regular pizza crust for a gluten-free pizza crust does not make it more nutritious. There are not healthful “nutrients” in most packaged gluten-free foods.

So, that gives you a pretty good idea of what I eat. I never feel deprived. I always make my food taste good (thank you butter!). If I want a cookie, I make them from quality ingredients instead of buying the cheap, processed kind (adios Oreos!). Do I eat healthfully ALL the time? Of course not. I’m human. And a mom (who needs wine). But I’m seeking those nutrients most of the time, and that’s what’s important.