My Hangover Recovery Cocktail


Had a few too many glasses of vino and sugary treats?! It happens to the best of us! Read on for my favorite Hangover Recovery tips to get you back to your vibrant self in no time!

Pre-Party Bonus Tips

If you’re reading this in advance, you are in a great position to prevent the next day’s repercussions!!

Here are a few tips for you…

  1. Stay hydrated with plenty of filtered water- bonus points for adding mineral-rich sea salt (I like Celtic Sea Salt or Redmond Real Salt!) which helps the H2O get into your cells better!

  2. Eat a healthy meal before you begin drinking- this will not only give your body more vitamins and minerals to better process the alcohol but will also help it absorb more slowly and reduce the negative effects.

  3. Stick to clear alcohol (ex: vodka) or dry wines. Beer is full of gluten which can add to the next day’s brain fog and fatigue (not to mention major bloating!)! Avoid sugary mixers or fruit juices. They turn to fat much faster when you’re drinking. They compete for liver processing and since your liver is already so busy with the alcohol (the liver prioritizes alcohol first) these are left to turn to fat. No bueno.

  4. I like to take 1 - 2 Beta TCP with alcohol to promote healthy bile flow (for better detoxification) and add anti-oxidant protection because of the Vitamin C content.

  5. You can take 1 - 4 activated charcoal capsules before you go to bed to soak up excess toxins. You can buy my favorite brand HERE.  Make sure you drink plenty of water when you take charcoal or it can cause constipation.


Doing Damage Control

Maybe you didn’t think ahead. Now it’s the next day, and you’re stuck with a headache and feeling foggy and weighed down overall. Been there! Here are some suggestions:

(Please remember that I am not a doctor and to always consult yours before taking supplements.)


Sometimes the best supplements are the most simple. Stay hydrated with plenty of H2O. Hydrate as early as possible You can add these trace mineral drops if you’re really depleted or just a pinch of good quality salt will do!


When you wake up and chug your water, consider adding up to 10 Intenzyme Forte on an empty stomach. These proteolytic enzymes calm down the inflammation and can help reduce your headache. (When taken WITH food these act as digestive enzymes - so I always have this supplement on hand).


Pull out those Beta TCP again. You can take 1- 3 with your breakfast to assist with bile flow which helps you detox more quickly.


B-vitamins and adrenal support help protect you from crazy blood sugar swings that cause insomnia and PMS-like symptoms. Take 3 BioGlycozyme Forte with the next day’s breakfast to help stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings for more bad stuff!


Even if you put just a few of these steps into practice it canl help. Do you have any recovery tricks? I’d love to know to add to my list. Let me know in a comment below!