Jenny's Gluten-Free Bakehouse Info

*You can place orders with Jenny by phone or email. She will ship anywhere in the U.S. Info is for club members only as Jenny is a one-woman show and can only take on so many orders. We love Jenny! 


Following is a price list of her most popular items:


Kaisers 4ct/3.50, add jalapeño cheese or onion for .50/item 

sub rolls 4ct/3.75 

hot dog buns 6ct/3.75 

dinner rolls 8.00/dzn 

sandwich loaf 5.50 -with cinnamon, raisins, nuts, and cauliflower icing 7.00 

angus beef kolaches 15.00/dzn-with jalapeño cheese 17.00/dzn 

garlic braised pizza crust on foil pan ready to fill and bake 7.00- single serving size 3.00 

flourless black bean brownies 15.00/dzn- 17.00/dzn with nuts 

cauliflower tortillas 10ct/4.50

poppadoms 4ct/4.00 (This is an Indian based roll gluten free and sweetened with red bell pepper and red onion)  

She has flourless cakes, muffins; and as summer gets closer, brownie bowls, cake bowls, PB cookies, watermelon salsa , and more will be back on the menu!!