5 Days to Feel French

Friends, I have enjoyed our time over the summer reading these awesome French perspectives on life! That is why, I am taking it one step further with a 5 day FREE challenge group! I would love to have you in the group getting all "Frenchy"!


Here's what you can expect:

We will have five different topics for each day, to help us delve deeper into that French mindset! 

Day 1: Embrace your God given beauty, the French way

Day 2: Dress up! Take pride in your appearance.

Day 3: Leisurely Meal Time, Let's savor the meals we create!

Day 4: Drink the Wine

Day 5: Declutter, embrace simplicity in the stuff we collect

Never downplay your sucess to make other people feel better
— Lessons from madame chic

Here's what you will receive:

  • Five days of "French Favorites" meal plan from French Women Don't Get Fat

  • Group Accountability

  • Daily Check-Ins

  • Tons of "frenchy" fun!


Fill out the box below to register today!!

5 Days to Feel French starts on Sept 17th and ends Sept 21st

See you there! Au Revoir!


Once you have registered you can expect some emails closer to the start date with the meal plan and additianl resources.