Do You Need Carbohydrate Rehab?!


How’s your relationship with carbohydrates? Are you a carb addict? A keto carb avoider? A carb on / carb off (say this in your best Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi voice) yo-yo’er?

Here’s the deal - carbs are the trickiest macronutrient. We don’t tend to overeat protein (who ever wanted to binge on chicken breast?); it’s hard to overeat fats (you can only eat so much avocado before you feel really full); but, carbs...carbs are a different story.

Carbs are easy to overeat. And that’s a problem because excess carbs turn to fat. They set off insulin - the fat storage hormone. They cause bloating and inflammation.

And, yet, we don’t want to have to give up carbs for forever because some of our favorite foods are carbohydrates. Plus they can be helpful for soothing our adrenal glands, making thyroid hormone and regulating leptin. So what’s a girl to do?

We have to learn to live in peace with carbs. This is part of what we learn to navigate in Feast 2 Fast which I sometimes think I should have named Carbohydrate Rehab. Because we approach the different levels of carbs systematically during each week of F2F (Real Food Carbs, Whole Food Carbs, Heck Yeah Carbs), we get very intentional and deliberate about how we use them. We keep them in the 50g-75g range except on Feast Days. We try to eat them later in the day. We get really clear on which carbs are worth it to you (and maybe chocolate chip cookies are worth it to you!)

The ultimate goal is for you to be The Boss of Your Carbs instead of your carbs being the boss of you. Making peace with carbs is truly the only way create a sustainable lifestyle of eating. If you’re ready to stop wandering in the wilderness of yo-yo dieting, join us in this round of Feast 2 Fast. It starts January 7th, 2019. You’ll be so glad you joined!

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Come join our group of Christian women who want food peace, who want health in order to be an excellent vessel for the Holy Spirit.