09: Self-Help Secrets from Women in the Bible


📖 The Bible is the ultimate self-help book, filled with wisdom and insights from Biblical women. In today’s podcast we’re diving into some of these self-help secrets from our Biblical Soul Sisters! 📖





  • (00:00) Intro

  • Why the Bible is the ultimate self-help book

  • Our soul sisters in the Bible have faced every problem we will ever face today.

    • Eve- The Enemy Uses Food to Tempt Us

      • Be vigilant, aware, and intentional to counteract constant food temptation.

    • Sarah- Trust God’s Timing

      • Our takeaway? God’s timing is perfect and don’t try to force his hand!

    • Rebekah- Do Chores Graciously

      • No matter what we do, some tasks are just endless and thankless. Just perform your chores graciously and let God take care of the bigger plan!

    • Lot’s Wife- Don’t Look Back- You’re Not Going That Way!

      • When you look back, you are not paying attention to the present moment and all of the blessings it can bestow.

    • Ruth- Stop Eating When You’re Full.

      • *Naomi wanted to move back with her people. (Not Ruth!)

      • “Don’t be a gluten"!”- Blair Blackbird 😉

      • Eat intuitively- connect what you’re eating with how you’re feeling!

    • Esther- You Were Made For This!

      • Some jobs are really difficult, uncomfortable, scary- but we are exactly the right person for them!

      • Maybe God put you there because you’re the right woman for the job. It’s time to do your Kingdom Work!

    • To be continued with our New Testament Soul Sisters- stay tuned for part 2 in a few months!

  • Recapping What We’ve Learned

  • Disclaimer & Outro