05: The Truth About Cholesterol with Carly Stagg, NTP


Today on the podcast I’m tackling the boogeyman of nutrition: CHOLESTEROL. Want to know whether whole eggs are bad for you? And what high cholesterol REALLY means?

Tune in to hear a guest interview with Carly Stagg, my Operations Manager, certified Nutritional Therapist, and (almost!!) Registered Nurse as we chat all things cholesterol.

The Christian Health Club Podcast




  • (00:00) Intro

  • (00:43) Welcome Back To The Club!

  • (01:55) Introducing Carly Stagg, NTP

  • (03:55) Why Do We Need Cholesterol?

  • (06:11) The Truth About HDL & LDL

    • (07:40) Blaming LDL cholesterol for heart attacks is like blaming the firefighters for the fire they are putting out.

  • (08:12) The Real Reason Your LDL Cholesterol Level is High

  • (10:35) Does Dietary Cholesterol Cause High Cholesterol Levels?

  • (12:53) Is High Cholesterol Hereditary?

  • (17:30) The APOE4 Gene & Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease and High Cholesterol

  • (19:58) How Triglycerides Fit Into The Cholesterol Picture

  • (21:00) Context Counts: Interpreting High Cholesterol Levels

    • Why This Matters: Cholesterol Testing Is All About Relative Risk

    • Lab Testing

      • LDL Pattern

        • Type A particles- light and fluffy, less likely to be harmful

        • Type B particles- like “BB guns”- are more problematic

      • Inflammatory Markers

        • C-Reactive Protein

        • Homocysteine

      • Triglyceride to HDL Ratio

    • Ask for “Comprehensive Lipid Panels” like the VAP Test

  • (24:45) Statins: Weighing the Pros & Cons

  • (30:00) What About Red Yeast Rice?

    • It’s a “bandaid” solution, but it’s a more natural bandaid!

  • (31:40) Optimizing Our Cholesterol Levels

    • Addressing the root cause of high cholesterol: inflammation.

      • Potential triggers: low hormone levels, chronic infections, environmental toxins, imbalanced macronutrients (too low carb or too high carb), food sensitivities, candida overgrowth, chronic stress.

      • Get on the waiting list to get your gut health tested with Chelsea by filling out this form HERE.

    • Vitamin K2/D3 supplement: check out Chelsea’s favorite HERE on Amazon.

      • D3 modulates the immune system to prevent the autoimmune component.

      • K2 keeps the arteries flexible and healthy, preventing vascular changes with arteriosclerosis.

      • Synergistic with one another!

    • Eat wild-caught fish and/or take a low-dose extra virgin cod liver oil supplement.

    • Just eat real food!

      • Keep simple sugar in check- fruit is simple sugar as well!

      • Play with fatty acid ratios- some do better with more saturated fats, others with more monounsaturated fat.

    • Moving every day and getting some high intensity activity in a few times per week.

    • Working on sleep quality. Sleep is the closest thing to a magic pill that we have.

    • Reduce stress and spend time with the Lord!

  • (40:38) Outro & Disclaimer


Thanks for listening! Have a Healthy and Blessed week!