My Favorite Coffee Stuff:

Crio Bru

Ground Cocoa Beans (less caffeine than decaffeinated coffee)


I mix collagen into my coffee every morning. It’s wonderful for bone health, skin health, relieving joint pain and soothing the gut lining. Both are good brands. Some people find that one brand works better than the other depending on their specific health need. Either way – you’ll be doing your body good!

Beauty and Skin Care

Reduce your toxic load and liver burden by choosing safer skin and makeup options. I love Beauty Counter for their safer ingredients but here are some of my every day favorites:

Beautycounter Favorites:

Dew Skin

(I never leave the house without this zinc-based tinted moisturizer!)

Other Personal Favorites:


Disclaimer: Please do not use supplements indiscriminately. I advise clients based on their health histories and specific needs.


I rotate between these brands.

Fish Oil:

I rotate between these brands.


Magnesium Oil

(Spray on bottoms of feet before bed)

Vital Proteins Liver Capsules

High in Vitamin A, B12, Folate, Riboflavin, Zinc, Copper, and Choline


Estrogen Balancing

Digestive Support:

Hydrozyme (stomach acid)

Beta TCP  (fat emulsifier)

(for those with no gallbladder)

Intenzyme Forte (proteolytic enzymes)

Protein Powder:



For making noodles out of vegetables – great replacement for pasta!

Instant Pot

For the busy mamas who need to cook food quick!


Wheat Belly

If you can only choose one book – choose this one!

Practical Paleo

All about Paleo with meal plans and recipes!

Against All Grain

I love this cookbook!